24 February 2017

New Stamps from India...Ladybird Beetle

Ladybird Beetle

Date of Issue : 23 February 2017

 Image source - Stamps of India

India Post released a set of four stamps and a Miniature sheet featuring Ladybird Beetles on 23 rd February 2017.

23 February 2017

200th anniversary of the bicycle

Date of Issue : 23 February 2017

Here is a beautiful set of stamps and sheetlet issued by Swiss Post today commemorating  200 years of Bicycle. The sheetlet is quite unique in the shape of a bicycle.

Bicycles are very popular in Switzerland, a haven for cyclists. German inventor Karl Drais from Baden must have caused quite a sensation on 12 June 1817 as he rode through Mannheim on his self-constructed “running machine” at around three times the speed of walking.

Patented under the name “draisine”, this new means of transport was soon forgotten, but not the idea behind it: The invention of pedals in 1866 soon led to the development of the high wheel or penny-farthing, which proved quite dangerous and was immediately banned in many places. It wasn’t until the introduction of the rear wheel chain drive in the 1880s that the modern bicycle took off.

Today the bicycle is seen as an efficient and highly ecological means of transport that enhances the quality of life. It doesn’t create exhaust or noise emissions and only takes up a few square metres of parking space. Swiss Post is also very much pro bicycles on account of their good sustainability qualities. The company encourages its employees to cycle to work and provides e-bikes free of charge. Consciously printed in black-and-white, the two special stamps both show the draisine and a modern bicycle. One stamp has the former in the foreground, the other the latter.

22 February 2017

My Recent Covers..

Greetings from Finland

Thanks Kristina for the lovely Greetings and this wonderful pre-stamped postcard. !! Wishing you all the best . Have a wonderful year ahead. I always wait for your email / postal address. So that I can personally thank you but you never mention your address on your letters, Please let me know your postal address.

Cover from Chauri Chaura, Uttar Pradesh

Thanks to Ashwani Dubey for this registered cover from Chauri Chaura.

21 February 2017

Chinese Horoscope - The Year of the Rooster

Date of Issue : 27 January 2017

The Slovenia Post issued a commemorative stamp "Chinese Horoscope - The Year of the Rooster "  on 27 January 2017.

The character for the rooster is found even in the earliest forms of Chinese writing – in inscriptions on turtle shells dating from between the fourteenth and eleventh centuries BC. Because the rooster has been present in Chinese culture for millennia, numerous meanings are associated with it.

As the daily herald of the dawn, the rooster is associated with accuracy, reliability, conscientiousness, infallibility and perseverance. With the dawn the rooster brings light, driving away demons and evil spirits. From as early as the third century, roosters were depicted in the paintings that were hung on the doors of houses at New Year. The rooster is traditionally shown in an upright position with an insect in its beak.

The rooster has been associated with cockfighting since before the second century BC, as shown by ancient written sources and works of art. Members of the higher social classes were the most enthusiastic followers of cockfights. The practice later spread into army circles, in order to awaken the soldiers' combative instincts and increase their desire to fight.

The combative spirit of fighting cocks was celebrated by poets and painters. One very famous line tells how despite the dark wind and rain, the cock tirelessly crows – symbolising the upright posture of the noble spirit that continues to fight for ideals despite living through dark times. In 1937 the same line was used to symbolise the resistance to the Japanese occupying forces during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

The rooster has also found its place in the Chinese horoscope, where it represents the tenth of the twelfth animals of the zodiac. From the point of view of the Chinese horoscope, people born in the Year of the Rooster are said to be courageous, confident, active, persevering,open and honest.

Source : WOPA

20 February 2017

100th Birth Anniversary of John F. Kennedy

Date of Issue : 21 February 2017

US Postal Service will issue a  new stamp marking the 100th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s birth on Feb. 21.

Kennedy remains a captivating and charismatic personality — one who appealed to America's higher ideals and inspired young Americans to engage in public service.
He was inaugurated in 1961 at age 43, the youngest person elected president and the first Catholic to serve in the role.

During his presidency, Kennedy launched the Peace Corps to aid developing nations and set the United States on the path toward its historic moon landing in 1969.
He also led the nation through the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, a conflict that could have escalated into a major war.

Kennedy’s other achievements include helping to lead the efforts to end racial segregation, including submitting a bill that eventually was passed as the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964.

PMG Megan J. Brennan will dedicate the new stamp Feb. 20 during a Presidents Day event at the Kennedy Library in Boston.

Source : USPS

17 February 2017

The celebration of love.....

Date of Issue : 3 February 2017

Here is a beautiful stamp issued by Croatia Post for Valentine's Day depicting the real meaning of love.

The celebration of love, not just infatuation!!!

The famous Plato once wrote: 'At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.' Love is probably the topic on which verses and lofty words were written more than on any other topic. As an inexhaustible source of inspiration, love has moved the world from ancient times until today, so it is not surprising it is the only emotion which deserved to have - its own day!

At the present time, when Valentine's Day has become too commercialized and when the amount of gifts we send to one another is being measured, it is worth recalling the legend of how this holiday was actually created and what is its deep meaning.

There is a legend that says that in the 3rd century, in the era of the ancient Roman Empire, a wise and virtuous priest named Valentine lived in Rome. At the time Emperor Claudius forbade Roman soldiers to get married, believing that their family would be a distraction at the battlefield, but Valentine had disobeyed his command and secretly wedded many couples, risking his life. At the end, because of his protection of love (and lovers) he was caught and executed on the day of February 14th. Later on Valentine was canonized, and February 14th  was declared as the day of Saint Valentine, and the day of lovers. This version of the legend of Valentine is most widespread, but there is a legend that says that Valentine worked in his garden when he didn't serve Mass. One day a girl asked him to give her a rose for a sick friend. After a few days she had come back and told him that the boy was overjoyed with the given rose and asked him for another. Then Valentine decided to visit the poor, the sick and the lonely, and make them happy by giving them roses and other small things. It is believed that exactly because of his kindness to others he was later canonized.

Perhaps more than ever, in these days when most feelings, even love as the most sublime of all, are measured by material things, it is worth to think about the sacrifice of St. Valentine and ask what is a true love is and why we should celebrate it every day,  and not just one day a  year. Therefore, celebrating Valentine's Day we should really celebrate love – for the person we are in love with, but also for our parents, children, dear friends and everyone we carry deep in our heart !

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