16 February 2018

Indian Cavalry on new Israeli stamp

Indian theme on foreign stamp

The Indian Cavalry,Haifa

An Indian cavalryman against the background of the Indian Cavalry battalion in the streets of lower Haifa.

Date of Issue : 6 February 2018

Israel Post issued a stamp on 6 February 2018 featuring Indian Cavalry , Haifa. This is a nice stamp related to India issued by Israel Post for those collecting stamps on "Indian theme on foreign stamp".

WWI in Eretz Israel Centenary – The Conquest of Haifa (1918)

When WWI broke out in August 1914, the Ottoman Empire formed an alliance with the Central Powers (Germany and Austria) against the Allies (Britain, France and Russia). The Great War, as it was known at the time, went on for more than four years and fundamentally changed world history in general and the situation in Eretz Israel in particular.

In early 1918, after an offensive in which the British conquered the southern part of Eretz Israel from the Ottoman army, the frontline between the two forces was drawn along the Abu Tellul ridge. Both armies were exhausted from their strenuous efforts during the previous several months. They were in need of a respite in order to regroup and renew equipment and supplies. Some of the British troops were transferred to the Western Front in Europe, and military forces from India were sent to Eretz Israel to replace them.

The large British offensive to conquer the northern part of Eretz Israel began on September 19, 1918. British and Indian forces broke through the Turkish line near the Poleg River and proceeded rapidly northward along the coastal plain. By evening, the attackers reached the Tul Karem area, the next day they captured Afula and Nazareth and on September 21st British aircraft attacked the retreating Turks in northern Samaria, inflicting many casualties.

The British route of attack did not include Haifa, and conquering the city was not part of the plan at that stage. However, on September 22nd an erroneous report was received advising that the Turks had abandoned the city. When they attempted to enter the city, the British were met with fierce resistance and barely succeeded in extracting their troops. Following this failure, the Indian 5th Cavalry Regiment was ordered to conquer Haifa. On the morning of the 23rd the Ramchi Jodphur battalion began progressing toward Haifa, but was not able to achieve its goal. At 2:00 pm another battalion, commanded by Major Takhur Dalfat Singh was assigned the task. The battalion's cavalrymen bravely charged the Turks' machine gun positions, subdued them and successfully conquered Haifa. Major Dalfat Singh, who was killed during the attack, was posthumously called "The Hero of Haifa". This battle is considered by the Indian military to be one of the cornerstones of its military history, and it is marked annually with ceremonies throughout India.

In the following days, the British continued their progress northward, which was concluded on September 30th, with the capture of Damascus. A short time thereafter the Ottoman Empire conceded, thus ending WWI on the Eastern Front.

The Stamp and the First Day Cover

The stamp features an Indian cavalryman (Library of Congress, from photos of the American Colony in Jerusalem) against the background of the Indian Cavalry battalion in the streets of lower Haifa (Imperial War Museum). The tab features the insignia of the Indian army's Ramchi Jodphur battalion. The first day cover features a photo of the monument erected in the British Military Cemetery in Haifa in memory of the Indian soldiers who fell during WWI.
Production of the WWI in Eretz Israel Centenary stamp series is aided by The Society for the Heritage of World War I in Israel, which researches the events of the war, publishes books on the subject and hosts conferences and tours for members of the society and the general public.

Courtesy : Eli Moallem, Israel

08 February 2018

First stamps on 2022 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics

2022 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics

Date of Issue : 31 December 2017 

Stamps commemorating the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics have been released in the Chinese capital.

The release took place after the signing of a franchise agreement between the Organizing Committee of the 2022 Games and the China Post Group Corporation. For the first time, the emblems carry a QR code.

The emblem for the 2022 Winter Olympics is called “winter dream.” The design is based on Chinese calligraphy for the word “winter” and also shows a symbolic skater at the top and skier at the bottom.

The Paralympics emblem is based on the Chinese character for “flying” and “evokes the image of an athlete in a wheelchair rushing towards the finish line and victory,” according to the website of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
The stamp designs include more than just the emblems, however; “BEIJING2022” is repeated in the background in type that China Post describes as “faintly visible,” and a QR code links to an online video about the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.
The stamps were printed in separate sheets of 12 .Chinese artist Lin Cunzhen designed both emblems.

New Special Cover

 LAKKUNDI UTSAV : 27 January 2018

On the occasion of Lakkundi Utsav, a special cover and special cancellation has been issued at Lakkundi (DIstrict Gadag, Karnataka) on 27th January 2018. Historical Lakkundi Brahma Jinalaya  Jain Mandir is printed on the special cover and special cancellation. This temple was built by the Chalukya king in the 11 - 12th century AD. Mr. Mahaveer Kundur, Karnataka State Chairman of Jainism Philately Group was instrumental of this release.

- Sudhir Jain

New Maxim Cards

During Champaran Philatelic Exhibition 4 Maxim cards were issued on Mahatama Gandhi

Ashwani Dubey- Gorakhpur

06 February 2018

New Special Cover

Champaran Philatelic Exhibition

Kesaria Stupa - 4 February 2018, Motihari

Special Cover on Kesaria Stupa was released during Champaran Philatelic Exhibition, Motihari on 4th Feb 2018.

- Raman Kumar Mandal, Gorakhpur

New Stamp from India 

Dr Talimaren Ao

Date of Issue : 26 January 2018

India Post issued a postage stamp on 26 January 2018 on Dr Talimaren Ao.

04 February 2018

World Cancer Day

4 February - World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is  globally observed on 4th February  On World Cancer Day (4 February) WHO highlights that cancer no longer needs to be a death sentence, as the capacity exists to reduce its burden and improve the survival and quality of life of people living with the disease.

Detecting cancer early also greatly reduces cancer's financial impact: not only is the cost of treatment much less in cancer's early stages, but people can also continue to work and support their families if they can access effective treatment in time.

Cancer mortality can be reduced if cases are detected and treated early. There are 2 components of early detection:

Early diagnosis

When identified early, cancer is more likely to respond to effective treatment and can result in a greater probability of surviving, less morbidity, and less expensive treatment. Significant improvements can be made in the lives of cancer patients by detecting cancer early and avoiding delays in care.
Early diagnosis consists of 3 steps that must be integrated and provided in a timely manner:
  • awareness and accessing care
  • clinical evaluation, diagnosis and staging
  • access to treatment.
Early diagnosis is relevant in all settings and the majority of cancers. In absence of early diagnosis, patients are diagnosed at late stages when curative treatment may no longer be an option. Programmes can be designed to reduce delays in, and barriers to, care, allowing patients to access treatment in a timely manner.

03 February 2018

New Special Cover

Champaran Philatelic Exhibition
Motihari 3 February 2018

Two Special Covers were released today on 3rd February 2018 in  Motihari during Champaran Philatelic Exhibition. 

: Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur
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